DFT - Compact Paddle-Wheel Flow Sensor

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Product Specifications
Measuring Range 0.05...0.5 GPM to 0.8...15 GPM
Fittings 1/4"...3/4" NPT
Body MaterialsBrass, PTFE
Max. Pressure70 PSIG / 230 PSIG
Max. Temperature176 °F
Accuracy ± 2.5 % FS
Product Features
PTFE or Brass Bodies
Frequency Output Standard
Optional Digital Display, Analog Transmitters, Totalizer & Batch Controllers
No Straight Run Requirements
Compact, Economical Design

The DFT Series of compact paddle-wheel flow sensors embodies the same rugged reliability of the workhorse DF series in a compact, more economical design. The flow sensor uses an inlet nozzle to re-direct flow onto the paddle, thus there are no straight piping requirements as with many other paddle designs. It is available in two material combinations to handle a wide variety of liquids. The nickel-plated brass version handles water, light chemicals and low-viscosity liquids (<10 cSt), while the PTFE version will stand up to aggressive chemicals. An open collector frequency output is standard with optional analog and controller outputs, which offer LCD displays, analog flow transmitters, programmable relays and totalizer and batch controller options.

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