DON - Positive-Displacement Flowmeters

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Product Specifications
Flow Ranges0.13...9.5 GPH to 40...660 GPM
Line Sizes1/8"...4"
FittingsNPT or BSP Threaded, ANSI or DIN Flanged
Max. Operating TemperatureUp to 300 °F (Output Option Dependent)
Product Features
Aluminum or Stainless Steel Bodies
Can Measure Liquids with Viscosities to 1,000,000 cPs (w/Special Cut Gears)
Operating Pressures to 1,450 PSIG (Model Dependent)
Electronic Output Options Include Analog and Frequency Outputs, LCD Totalizers and Batch Controllers
Mechanical Totalizer (½"...4" Meters Only)
Bi-directional Flow Sensing with Optional Quadrature Output

The KOBOLD DON Series oval gear positive-displacement flowmeters are the preferred choice for measuring clean, high and low viscosity liquids such as lubricating/hydraulic oils, diesel fuels, chemicals, solvents, resins and pastes. This flowmeter uses 2 precision-machined oval gears which allow for a very specific volume of liquid to pass through the meter with each rotation. These gears enable the DON flowmeters to precisely measure liquid flow over a very wide viscosity range.

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