DOR - Insertion Paddle-Wheel Flowmeter

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Product Specifications
Housing/Fitting Material316L Stainless Steel
Flow Velocity Range1...33 Ft./Sec.
Nominal Measuring Ranges5.5...800,000 GPM
Maximum Media Temperature 300 °F
Maximum Operating Pressure 1160 PSIG
Fittings1½" NPT, 2" NPT, R1½, R2
Product Features
Integral Mechanism Allows for Precise Paddle Insertion into the Pipe
Tolerates Dirt and Small Solids
Pulse, LCD display, Batching, Totalizing, 4-20mA Outputs
Suitable for Installation into 1½...100 Inch Pipes

The KOBOLD DOR Series insertion paddle-wheel flowmeter/ flow monitor is a cost-effective means of accurately measuring the flow of water or water-like liquids in completely full, large diameter pipes. The paddle-wheel flowmeter or flow monitor is inserted into the process piping via a threadolet or suitable fitting. Liquid flow through the pipe results in rotation of the affixed paddle wheel. The rotational speed of the paddle wheel is proportional to the flow velocity, and therefore, proportional to the flow rate in the pipe. The insertion-type design of the insertion paddle-wheel flowmeter provides a measuring technique that is much less expensive than full-bore flowmeters, especially in larger pipe sizes. Insertion paddle-wheel sensors are a rugged measuring technology that boasts exceptional tolerance to dirt and solids.

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