DOT - Turbine Flow Meter/Monitor for Low-Viscosity Liquids

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Product Specifications
Process Connection 1/2"... 2" MNPT, 1/2"... 6" ANSI Flange
Connection TypeNPT Threaded or ANSI Flanged
Maximum Pressure3600 PSIG for Threaded Models
Maximum TemperatureTo 250 °F (Model Dependent)
Housing/Rotor MaterialStainless Steel
Product Features
Pulse and 4…20 mA Signal Outputs
Optional LCD display for Batching, Totalizing
Stainless Steel Body and Rotor
Low Pressure Drop

The DOT is a highly accurate, reliable and robust turbine meter used to measure the flow of clean, low viscosity liquids. Stainless steel construction with tungsten carbide bearings provide long life with a wide range of aggressive and non-lubricating liquids in compatible chemical and general industrial applications.

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