DPE - Paddle-Wheel Flowmeter

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Product Specifications
Measuring Range 1.5...8 GPM to 15...200 GPM (Water)
Fittings½"...3" NPT
Body Material Brass, 316 SS
Max. Pressure580 PSIG
Max. Temperature 176 °F
Accuracy ± 2.5 % FS
OutputsPulse Frequency, 4-20 mA Analog, Digital Display, Switches
Product Features
Brass or Stainless Steel Bodies
Low Pressure Loss
Pulse Frequency, 4-20 mA or Switch Output
Electronic Displays and Controllers Available

The KOBOLD DPE Series paddle-wheel flowmeter is a reliable solution for measuring liquid flows in pipes up to 3 inches in diameter and pressures up to 580 PSIG. The unique impeller design minimally protrudes into the flow stream, minimizing head loss and allowing measurement of dirty liquids and liquids with high solid content with a greatly reduced risk of failure. This flowmeter features a PVDF impeller supported on a sapphire bearing system, offering an exceptionally long life with excellent chemical resistance properties. It is available with either brass or stainless steel threaded bodies. A Hall-effect sensor detects the passing of permanent magnets embedded in the impeller blades. The output of the sensor is converted to a linear pulse frequency output or 4-20 mA signal. A variety of optional displays and controllers are available to provide local flow rate indication, analog outputs and programmable setpoint switches. The DPE paddle-wheel flowmeter’s combination of a simple, reliable design and a wide variety of body materials and electronics options makes it a sure solution for some of the toughest flow metering applications.

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