DPM - Pelton Wheel Flow Sensor

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Product Specifications
Measuring Range 0.24...4.8 GPH to 0.8...80 GPH water
Fittings1/8" NPT, 1/4" NPT, G 1/8, G 1/4
Housing Material Nickel-Plated Brass or 316L SS
Max. Pressure230 PSIG
Max. Temperature 176 °F
Accuracy ± 1.5 % FS (± 2.5 % FS w/K000 and F300 Output)
Signal OutputPulse Frequency, 4-20 mA Analog, Transistor Switch
Display3-Digit LED or Analog Pointer Indication
Product Features
Flow Measurement of Low Flow Rates
Compact Design
Long-Life Sapphire Axle/Bearing Assembly
Analog or Frequency Pulse Signal Outputs

The DPM Series flow sensor uses the pelton wheel principle to measure the flow of water and water-based, low-viscosity liquids that are optically transparent. Liquid passes through a nozzle at the inlet of the flow body and is precisely directed onto a flat-blade pelton turbine. The flow sensor’s pelton turbine wheel rotates at a speed proportional to flow rate. The movement of the pelton wheel is detected optically, and the signal from the optical sensor is processed as an amplified pulse or 4-20 mA signal, both of which are proportional to flow rate. In addition to the DPM Series pelton wheel flow sensor’s compact design, the inlet flow is redirected via a nozzle; therefore, no inlet or outlet straight piping is required and allows the unit to be mounted in any orientation with the axle remaining in the horizontal plane. These features make the DPM Series flow sensor ideal for mounting in locations where space is tight.

Additional Product Documents

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