EDM-8000 - Battery Powered Water Meter and Totalizer

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Product Specifications
Measuring Range 1...10 GPM to 60...600 GPM
Fittings ½"...4" NPT, Glue Socket or ANSI Flange
Body Material PVC
Max. Pressure 150 PSIG (Polyamide, PVDF), 300 PSIG (Aluminum), 1500 PSIG (SS Threaded)
Media Temperature Range32...140 °F
Accuracy± 3% of Reading
Product Features
PVC Body
Lithium Battery Powered Display (9000 Hr. Battery Life)
Compact and Portable
Ranges to 600 GPM
Rate and Totalizing Display Standard
Optional Frequency Output (Replaces Display)

The EDM-8000 series flowmeter accurately measures and totalizes water and other low-viscosity, water-based, or compatible liquids. It features an economical, yet rugged, PVC body. The lithium battery-powered LCD display has a resettable batch totalizer, a non-resettable grand totalizer, and rate indication. The EDM is factory calibrated for water and is also suitable for other low-viscosity liquids up to 10 centistokes. If needed, the unit can be field calibrated through an onboard display routine. It is available in line sizes from 1/2" to 4". Available process connections include PVC glue sockets or female NPT fittings. Additionally, 150# ANSI flanges are offered for 3" and 4" models.

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