OME - Helical Gear Flowmeter

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Product Specifications
Measuring Range0.027...2.7 GPM to 0.9...90 GPM (Oil)
Wetted Material Aluminum, Steel, FKM
Max. Pressure600 PSIG
Max. Temperature257 °F
Accuracy± 0.3% of Measured Value
Product Features
± 0.3% of Flow Rate Accuracy
Advanced Helical-Gear Technology
Quiet, Non-Pulsating Operation
For Clean, Viscous, Lubricating Media

The KOBOLD OME Series positive-displacement flowmeter incorporates proven helical gear technology. The flowmeter provides the quiet, non-pulsating and low pressure-loss operation for which helical gears are renowned. The OME Series is designed to be used only with non-abrasive, lubricating liquids. The precision and reliability of the device is equivalent to our top-of-the-line spur gear flowmeters. No performance sacrifices have been made. The rotation of the helical gears is detected by one, externally-mounted proximity sensor. This makes the addition of a second sensor for redundancy, frequency multiplication or directional sensing possible at little additional cost. /p>

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