TUR - All-Plastic Turbine Flowmeter

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Product Specifications
Measuring Range 5.3...88 and 11...440 GPM (Water)
Fittings2" or 4" 150# ANSI RF Flange
Body Material PVC or PVDF
Max. Pressure145 PSIG
Max. Media Temperature140 °F (PVC), 160 °F (PVDF)
Accuracy ± 1 % FS
OutputPNP or NPN Pulse Frequency, Analog Current or Voltage
Product Features
Chemically Resistant PVC or PVDF Construction
Accuracy of ± 1% of Full Scale
Pulse Outputs, Analog Outputs, Digital Totalizers

KOBOLD TUR Series turbine flowmeters serve applications involving the need to measure, control and regulate flowing, water-like fluids with a viscosity of 8 cSt or lower. The use of highly chemically resistant materials such as PVC or PVDF in the construction of TUR Series turbine flowmeters allows them to withstand acids, lyes and other aggressive media commonly found in the chemical industry. TUR Series all-plastic turbine flowmeters may be installed in any desired orientation provided care is taken to keep the flowmeter full of liquid. The motion of fluid through the housing causes rotation of the turbine, which is detected by an external proximity sensor. Turbine rotation is linear with respect to flow over a range comprising approximately 90% of the upper range of this flowmeter. An optional display and control module converts the impulse signal into a displayed number or control output (relay closure or current loop).

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