DTB - Battery Powered Digital Thermometer

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Product Specifications
Temp. Range-50...200 °C or -50...400 °F (Factory Set)
Fittings¼" NPT...¾" NPT
Max. Pressure500 PSIG (on Probe)
Housing/Probe Material316 Stainless Steel
Display4-Digit LCD, ½" High
Power(2) 3.6 V Lithium Batteries
Product Features
Large 4-Digit LCD Display
Battery Powered, Life up to 5 Years
Factory Set Display in °F or °C
2.5" or 6.0" Probe Lengths

The KOBOLD DTB is a battery powered, LCD digital thermometer. It is a step above the competition in providing accurate and reliable temperature indication. The rugged IP67 housing and all stainless steel design offers protection against both moisture and dust. This thermometer is an ideal replacement for bi-metal, liquid bulb, and glass thermometers where power is not available. The LCD display is factory set to units of °F or °C. With 0.1° resolution, the DTB eliminates the guesswork out of reading dials and mercury columns. Powered by two high performance batteries, the digital thermometer will typically provide a minimum of five years of continuous operation before requiring battery replacement.

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