TMA - Temperature Transmitter

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Product Specifications
Measuring Range32...122 °F to -328...1112 °F
Fittings1/4"...1/2" NPT Welded or Adjustable Compression
Bulb Material316 SS
SensorPt 100, Class B
Electrical ConnectionDIN 43 650
Output4-20 mA, 2-Wire
OptionsPlug-on AUF Digital Display
Product Features
Low Cost/High Value
High Accuracy
4-20 mA Loop Powered
Rugged, All 316 SS Construction
-200...600 °C Temperature Range
Custom Designs Available
Accessible Zero & Span

The KOBOLD TMA Series temperature transmitter employs a Pt100 Class B resistive temperature detector (RTD) combined with an integrated, loop-powered 4-20 mA output transmitter. Our optional digital indicator, Model AUF, plugs directly to the Hirschmann (DIN 43650) plug. This sensor is rugged, and wetted materials are of 316 stainless steel construction. 1/4" and 1/2" NPT process fittings are available as a welded or adjustable compression design. The compression fitting allows for an easy, one-time adjustment of the desired immersion depth. The transmitter is factory-calibrated to the customer’s temperature requirements. Recalibration via zero and span potentiometers located at the connector is possible.

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