TNF - Gas-Filled Capillary Thermometer

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Product Specifications
Measuring Range-40...100 °F to 32...1100 °F
Fittings½" NPT...1" NPT, G½...G1
Housing MaterialPainted Steel, Aluminum or SS
Housing Diameter63, 80, 100, 160 & 250 mm
DIN Accuracy Category1.0, 1.6
Product Features
Gas-Filled, Capillary Thermometer
Dial Sizes - 63, 80, 100, 160 & 250 mm
Ranges of -40...100 °F to 32...1100 °F
Available With Up To Four Switches

KOBOLD TNF Series gas-filled capillary thermometers are highly versatile and rugged gas-filled thermometers for industrial applications. The TNF Series is available as a simple temperature indicating device or as a controller with one to four adjustable switch points. The sensing bulb is filled with inert nitrogen. Temperature changes at the bulb result in a change in nitrogen pressure, which is sensed in the indicating mechanism and displayed as a change in temperature. Capillaries are available in stainless steel and stainless steel with a flexible stainless steel armor sheath. A selection of indicator housings is offered with wall-mounting brackets or panel-mount flanges. This gas-filled capillary thermometer can be ordered with a variety of optional oil fillings for applications where high vibration is present. The TNF Series is also available with dial sizes ranging from 63 to 250mm (2.5" to 10"). A variety of fittings is available to suit almost any application.

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