DTS - Temperature Switch

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Product Specifications
Temp. Range-10...30 °C to 100...200 °C
Fitting ½" MNPT
Thermowell Brass
Contact Type SPDT
Product Features
Industrial and Marine Applications
IP67/NEMA 6 Aluminum Enclosure
Rugged and Reliable
High Resistance to Shock and Vibration
With or Without Capillary Tube

KOBOLD DTS Series temperature switches are built to conform to the needs of industry. This temperature switch is ideal for uses demanding a rugged design. Environmental protection is provided by our high-grade NEMA 6/IP67 enclosure, and a careful internal design provides excellent resistance to shock and vibration. All conventional (as well as some unconventional) requirements for outdoor and indoor use are covered by KOBOLD DTS Series temperature switches. Typical installations include manufacturing plants, diesel units, compressors of all types, power stations and ships.

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