Temperature Measurement

Temp. Range-50...200 °C or -50...400 °F (Factory Set)
Fittings¼" NPT...¾" NPT
Max. Pressure500 PSIG (on Probe)
Housing/Probe Material316 Stainless Steel
Display4-Digit LCD, ½" High
Power(2) 3.6 V Lithium Batteries
Overall Sensing Range-30...750 °F
Fittings½"... 1" NPT, G-½...G1
Housing Material304 SS, Polyamide
Housing Diameter4" (100 mm)
Accuracy Class± 0.5% FS ± 1 digit
Analog Output4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, 0-10 VDC
Switches2 or 4 SPDT Relays
SensorsType J, K, N, S ,T Thermocouples or Pt100
Sensing Range-128...2822 °F (-200...1550 °C)
AccuracyFrom ± 0.03% of Measured Value
Available FunctionsMin./Max.Memory, Hold Function, Real-Time Clock, Differential Temperature, Data Logger
Temperature Range-76...932 °F (ST-3000), -76...1400 °F (ST-6000)
Distance to Spot Ratio12 to 1 (ST-3000), 25 to 1 (ST-6000)
Laser SightingSingle Point (ST-3000), Dual Point (ST-6000)
Measuring Range-58...250 °F
Fittings½", 3/4" NPT, G-½, G-3/4
Material316 SS
Indication3-Digit LED
Electrical ConnectionM12 x 1 Micro-DC
Power Supply24 VDC ± 20 %
Analog Output4 - 20 mA
Optional Switch Output1x NPN or PNP
Max. Accuracy± 1.0 °F (Between 14...185 °F)
Measuring Range-20 ... 300 °C to 1100 ... 2500 °C
Accuracy0.8% of Reading +1 °C ... 1.5% of Range
Output4-20 mA, Thermoelectric Voltage Type J, K 10 mV/°C
Measuring Range32...122 °F to -328...1112 °F
Fittings1/4"...1/2" NPT Welded or Adjustable Compression
Bulb Material316 SS
SensorPt 100, Class B
Electrical ConnectionDIN 43 650
Output4-20 mA, 2-Wire
OptionsPlug-on AUF Digital Display
Measuring Range-40...100 °F to 32...1100 °F
Fittings½" NPT...1" NPT, G½...G1
Housing MaterialPainted Steel, Aluminum or SS
Housing Diameter63, 80, 100, 160 & 250 mm
DIN Accuracy Category1.0, 1.6
SensorsPt100, Ni100, Pt1000, Class A or B, NTC (5 kΩ at 25 °C), 2, 3- or 4 Lead
Wetted Materials316L SS, Ni-Plated Brass or Salt-Water Resistant Bronze
FittingsG 1/2, 1/2" NPT, M18x1.5
Sensing Range-80...150 °C
Measuring Range-40...100 °F to 32...1100 °F
FittingsLower or Back Mount, ½" NPT...1" NPT, G-1/2...G-1
Housing MaterialAluminum or SS
DIN Accuracy Category1.0, 1.6
Diameter of Housing63, 80, 100, 160 & 250 mm
OptionsSwitch Contacts, Optional Oil Fillings
Measuring Range-40...150 °C
Fittings¼"... 1½" NPT
Body MaterialBrass or St. Steel
Signal OutputPTC Resistance or Pt-100
Fittings½"...1" NPT, 11/16" Weld Stub
Material304 SS
Max. Pressure350 PSIG
Temperature Range-40...300 °F
Max. Pressure750 PSIG
Wetted Materials - Brass HousingBrass, 316 SS, FPM
Wetted Materials - SS Housing316 SS, 304 SS, FPM
Signal OutputsRTD or 4-20 mA Integral Transmitter
Accuracy± 0.2°C + 0.2% of Span
Normal Media Temperature Range-58...390 °F
Extended Media Temperature Range-320...1100 °F
Maximum Pressure1450 PSIG
Wetted Parts316 SS
Fittings1/2" NPT, 3/4" NPT or Tri-Clamp®
RTD TypePt-100 Class B per DIN 43670
Measuring Ranges-58...120 °F to 0...400 °F
Maximum Pressure1500 PSIG (Threaded), 500 PSIG (Tri-clamp Version)
Measuring Probe Material316 Stainless Steel
Probe FinishRa 32 compliant
Output Type4-20 mA, 2-wire
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