Temperature Monitoring

Temp. Range-10...30 °C to 100...200 °C
Fitting ½" MNPT
Thermowell Brass
Contact Type SPDT
Measuring Range-58...250 °F
Fittings½", 3/4" NPT, G-½, G-3/4
Material316 SS
Indication3-Digit LED
Electrical ConnectionM12 x 1 Micro-DC
Power Supply24 VDC ± 20 %
Switch Output1x or 2x PNP or NPN Transistor, 300 mA Max.
Max. Accuracy± 1.0°F (Between 14°...185 °F)
Switch Point Range50...248 °F
Fittings¼"...1" NPT, (Brass or 304 SS)
Electrical Connection1.5m Silicone-Jacketed Cable
Switching Accuracy± 5 °F
Typical Hysteresis7...14 °F
Available Switch Points86...248 °F
Fittings3/4" NPT, Ni-Plated Brass or 304 (1.4301) SS
Electrical ConnectionDIN 43 650 Plug
Switching Accuracy± 9...13 °F
HysteresisMax. 36 °F
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