BVB - Manifold Valves for VKG/VKM Flowmeters

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Product Specifications
Max. Flow Capacity 6.5 GPM per Complete Valve Block
Fitting 1/2" NPT
Body Material Aluminum
Max. Pressure235 PSIG
Max. Temperature 240 °F
Max. Flowmeter Quantity6 Units
Product Features
Easy to Install
Convenient, Centralized Flow Adjustment
For 1 to 6 Flowmeters

To achieve centralized flow measurement and distribution, consider the use of the KOBOLD BVB manifold valve with VKG and VKM flowmeters. With the ability to join up to 8 flowmeters onto an integrated valve block, the BVB manifold valve offers a compact and tidy solution to your distribution problems. The total throughput of the valve is limited to a maximum combined flow of 6.5 GPM due to internal pressure losses. To supply the manifold with media, a pump with a minimum of 20–30% overcapacity is required to ensure that each branch receives adequate pressure and flow. To protect your instrument, this overcapacity must be able to return to the media supply tank through a pressure limiting regulator (we recommend a minimum of 100 PSI up to a maximum of 235 PSIG). The KOBOLD BVB manifold valve is a clean and simple solution for centralized flow measurement and distribution.

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