How to Select a Flow Meter

Where Do I Start?

Choosing a flow meter can be a very overwhelming prospect. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. You have to wade through which flow meter technology out there might best serve your application and your budget. There are countless manufacturers out there with many models all offering something a little different. You also have to ensure that the specific variables of your process fall in line with the specifications of each individual model. Knowing what information you even need to start with can be difficult.

Make A List and Check it Twice

Nobody likes to spend time or waste money that they could have saved with a little preparation. When it comes to finding the best fit for your process application being organized and thorough can have big payoffs in making sure that all factors are appropriately compensated for in your choice. Accidentally overlooking some variable that ends up in equipment malfunction, damage, or failure can be avoided by asking the right questions at the beginning. Below is a fairly comprehensive list of questions to help you build a complete application profile for an optimum selection process.

Flow Meter Selection Guide

How to Select a Flow Meter

Price/Customer Service

The Basic Process

The Immediate Characteristics/Surroundings to the Place of Installation

The Media Characteristics

The Flow Profile




Other Helpful Resources for Flow Meter Selection

To quickly compare and contrast the main specifications of our flow meter line, you can

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Orifice Type Differential Pressure Flow Meter
RCM - Differential Pressure Orifice Flow Meter - High Flow Rates

Digital or Mechanical Displays | Liquid, Gas, or Steam | High Rangeability | Up to 3,000 GPM or 20,000 CFM | Up to 400 PSI | Up to 350 °F | Optional Alarms and Output Signals

All-Metal Viscosity Compensating Flow Meter for Oils
VKM - All-Metal Viscosity Compensating Flow Meter and Switch

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