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Manifold Flow Meters

What is a manifold flow meter?

Manifold flow meters are a series of flow meters, typically variable area flowmeters, that are preassembled at the factory into manifold valve blocks, like our USR. Manifold valves can be sold independently and assembled by the end user, like our BVB manifold valves that are designed for our VKG and VKM all-metal viscosity compensated variable area flowmeters.

Manifold Flow Meters

How does a manifold flow meter block work?

Flow meters assembled into a manifold valve block allow the user to see, measure, and control the rate of flow in different lines, also referred to as loops. Integral valves for each flowmeter/line allow the flow for just that line to be increased, decreased, or turned off entirely. The meters can also be set to ensure each line is receiving the exact same amount of flow.

The flow rate for glass tube variable area flow meters is read by referencing a float inside the glass tube and then referenced against the scale printed directly on the glass tube. This allows for precision distribution by simple valve adjustments while watching the flow rate as it changes on the flow meter scale.

How do I adjust the flow on a manifold flow meter?

Adjusting the flow on a manifold valve is easy, you simply turn the valve on the line that you want to adjust to increase or restrict the flow in that line. The adjusted rate of flow is immediately available in the integral scale printed on the glass tube of the variable area flow meter.

What is a manifold water distribution system?

This is a term typically used in residential plumbing applications to control how incoming water is channeled or distributed to different parts of the home that require water. While it is not something that was incorporated into older homes, newer homes sometimes implement this to make best use of their incoming water. A main water flow pipeline is essentially split via ports into other pipes taking the water to different destinations. Controlling the water flow with more precision delivers savings of money and energy, especially in areas where water is not a plentiful resource and can even be restricted during times of scarcity.

Where are manifold flow meter assemblies commonly used?

Manifold valves for flow are not only used in domestic applications. They are also used in industrial settings as well. They can also deliver cost savings and improve the performance of certain processes. With industrial manifold valves, they are typically used in the process industry where they control various flow rates to parts of the process or parts of the plant. In essence they function the same as the domestic applications where flow per line/loop can be controlled by increasing, decreasing, or shutting down flow to certain lines.

While most domestic applications are only going to be running water through the flow manifold valves, industrial processes may use other types of liquids as well. Common industrial applications for flow manifold valves include cooling circuits and pump applications.

What is the advantage to a manifold flow meter?

In most applications, whether domestic, residential, or industrial, manifold valve assemblies deliver cost savings and increased energy efficiency.

KOBOLD Variable Area Flow Meter Manifold Block Assemblies

Our KOBOLD BVB manifold valve block and VKG variable area flow meters and VKM variable area flow meters are made in the USA, are easy to install, and offer up to 8 flow meters integrated into one control block. Our USR variable area flow meters offer up to 24 flow meters preassembled into one block and the clear glass tube allows for direct flow observation. To receive immediate help with your application needs, please contact us for free advice from our expert engineers.

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Featured Products
Manifold Valves for VKG/VKM Variable Area Flow Meters
BVB - Manifold Valves for VKG/VKM Flow Meters

Made in the USA | Up to 8 Units | 6.3 GPM per Complete Valve Block | Up to 930 PSI and 210 °F | 1/2" NPT | Aluminum Body

Glass Tube Variable Area Flow Meter Manifold Valve Block
USR - Glass Tube Variable Area Flow Meters with Manifold Valves

Up to 24 Flow Meters | Glass Tubes for Direct Observation | Up to 230 PSI and 210 °F | 1" NPT Inlet | 0.01...0.1 to 0.25 to 2.5 GPM

Viscosity Compensating Flow Meter and Switch
VKG - Viscosity-Compensating Flow Meter and Switch

Made in the USA | Direct Reading Oil Scale | For Higher Viscosity Media | Easy Installation | Up to 175 PSI | Up to 212 °F | NPT Threads | 0.03...21 GPM | Optional Switches

All-Metal Viscosity Compensating Flow Meter for Oils
VKM - All-Metal Viscosity Compensating Flow Meter and Switch

Made in the USA | Top Seller | 0.03...20 GPM | Patented Viscosity Compensation | Viscosities up to 540 cSt | Up to 5,000 PSI | Brass or Stainless


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