BGN - Synthetic Fiber Application


Synthetic fibers are used widely for clothes, boots, gloves, fabrics, and carpets. They are known for being resilient, lightweight, washable, hypoallergenic, and flexible. The process begins with certain petrochemicals, which are crude oil derivatives. In this case the chemicals were: bisulphate, persulphate, vinyl methyl acetate, methanil sodium sulphate, and acryl nitrile. Our BGNs are used in the production process. Polymers are injected into a chemical bath by spinnerets. The subsequent fibers solidify and are removed from the chemical bath. The filaments are then washed, dried, cut and crimped. Then they are spun into thread and woven into textiles.


  • 0.002...0.02 to 60...550 GPM
  • 1/2"...6" ANSI/DIN Flanges, 1/2"...2" FNPT
  • -40...392 °F, (up to 660 °F on request)
  • Max. Pressure: 580 PSIG, (up to 8700 on request)
  • 316 SS, PTFE-lined SS, and Hastelloy® C-22 Tubes
  • Calibrated for Media Density, Operating Pressure, and Temperature
  • Analog Output, HART®, and Profibus-PA Available