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KOBOLD News & Press Releases

NGM News Image
Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter - NGM
Precision Measurement Regardless of Changing Process Conditions
NDT - Static Pressure Level Switch
Static Pressure Level Switch - NDT
Ideal for Monitoring the Level of Liquids in Open or Vented Tanks
NSP - Polypropylene Tethered Float Level Switch
Polypropylene Tethered Float Level Switch - NSP
Simple and Economical
NWS News Image
Vibrating Level Switch - NWS
Universal Use in Tanks or Pipelines
DPT - Target-Type Flowmeter
Target-Type Flowmeter - DPT
Unique, Patented Design
TED - Optical Level Sensor News Image
Optical Level Sensor for Liquids - TED
Economical, Compatible with Many Liquids
EPS - Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter Replacing the DMH
DMH - Product Notice
Thank you for your interest in the DMH. While the DMH is no longer offered, it has been replaced in our product line with the EPS Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter. To learn more about the EPS, please visit the product page.
NEH - Cable-Suspended Conductive Level Switch
Cable-Suspended Conductive Level Switch - NEH
Level Monitoring and Control for Conductive Liquids
KSR SVN Low Volume Flow Switch Image
Low Volume Flow Switch - KSR/SVN
Control of Very Small Liquid or Gas Flows