DF Application - Ready-mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is batched from a central plant and custom made to the job's exact needs. The mix is kept in a plastic condition during transit and is remixed with additional water or chemicals upon arrival at the site.

The Ready-mix industry began in 1909 when it was delivered in a special horse drawn cart with mixing paddles that were actuated by the turning of the wheels of the cart. The industry grew exponentially in the 1940s when heavy duty vehicles became readily available and the need for concrete spiked during WWII.

Concrete is made of 6% air, 11% Portland cement, 41% coarse aggregate, 26% sand, and 16% water. The key to concrete is careful proportioning of the ingredients. When Ready-mix is delivered, water must be added onsite to ensure correct slump. Our customer trusts our DF sensor to ensure the accurate amount of water is added to the mix.