KAL-L Application - Sterilization of Medical Equipment

The endoscope was invented in Germany in 1806 and was rather limited in function. Today, there are many different specialized varieties to view: the brain, larynx, esophagus, blood vessels, kidneys, colon, joint, nasal cavities, bronchi, and many other areas of the body. They are all long, thin tubes with a camera and light source attached that are inserted through a natural body opening or an incision. They can both investigate and perform minor surgeries. They are minimally invasive and pose few risks and are widely used across the medical field.

Our customer manufacturers specialized sterilization equipment for endoscopes that ensures the instruments are thoroughly dried after decontamination. It dries them both internally and externally with dual HEPA filtered hot air. Because there are two air systems to validate, the customer wanted to detect any failure in either one as contamination could occur. Because of the specialized nature of the application and the space constraints of the design, we visited the customer on site. Two models were identified as suitable and both were provided for a trial. Our KAL-L thermal air flow switch provided the perfect solution. The customer was impressed with our expertise, pricing, and personal approach to their application.