NBK Application - Combined Heat and Power Cogeneration Plants

CHP, or cogeneration plants, produce both electric and thermal energy from a single process. Diverse fuel sources are used, such as natural gas, biomass, coal, or process waste. Traditional power plants create steam, but it is treated as a waste product and is not utilized. CHP plants capitalize on the byproduct and use it to generate heating and cooling services. CHP plants are up to 30% more efficient and account for 8% of the US generating capacity. An executive order was recently signed that will increase the amount of CHP power generated in the US.

Our client needed to replace leaking sight glasses that were also suffering from unacceptable corrosion. The incinerator area, where they are needed, is extremely dusty as the fuel can be anything from wood, paper, soiled medical products, etc. KOBOLD had a solution with high visibility rollers that solved all the visibility problems. The rugged stainless steel build ensures that rust and breakage will not plague the installation in the future.