OVZ Application - Gypsum Mining and Processing

Gypsum is a common, soft, evaporative, sedimentary mineral that forms mostly as transparent, flattened crystals. Primary commercial operations are in Brazil, Pakistan, Jamaica, Iran, Thailand, Spain, Germany, Italy, England, Ireland, Canada, and the US. Its uses are plentiful and varied as: fertilizer, plaster, mortar, chalk, sheet rock, a coagulant in tofu, tennis court clay, plaster of paris, alabaster, ingredients in beauty products, and even part of beer brewing to harden water.

It is usually surface mined and then crushed into a powder. Ball mills are commonly used for pulverization. Functionally, they resemble rock tumblers. The gypsum is fed into a rotating drum that is filled with balls of SS, ceramic, or rubber. The balls are then continuously dropped onto the material by the drum's rotation.

Our customer has several ball mills operating at their mine. The original system purchased for lubricating the mills with a high viscosity grease never functioned properly as they were designed around thermal flow switches to regulate the grease flow. KOBOLD was consulted and the OVZ was identified as an ideal solution to solve the faulty instrumentation. The system has now worked flawlessly for years, now built on the expertise of our engineers and the reliability of our instrumentation.