REG Application - Production of Beer and Wine

Separation equipment utilizes a variety of different methods to separate liquids and solids. Application fields include: sludge, sewage, manure, vegetables, food byproducts, and paper pulp.

These types of machines are widely used. A common use is removing unwanted solids in vegetable/fruit juices. The "waste" solids, from the perspective of the juice, are then utilized in the production of things like animals feed or agricultural fertilizers. Common types of separators include: static inclined screen, vibrating screen, rotary screen, belt press, perforated roll press, screen press and centrifuge.

Our customer's units are used specifically for beer and wine production to separate the yeast from the clarified beer and wine and in juice production. The units require a cooling circuit to protect the vulnerable parts of the system from excessive heat. Flow regulation was needed in the cooling circuit and KOBOLD had the ideal, compact, simple solution that was easy to integrate into the existing system in our REG.