Cable-Suspended Conductive Level Switch - NEH

Level Monitoring and Control for Conductive Liquids

Part of the NE line of conductive level switches, the KOBOLD NEH offers monitoring and control of conductive liquids via cable-suspended electrodes. It is able to be used in applications where the media may be corrosive or contaminated with dirt or solids. It offers high reliability and IP65 protection.

Suspended Electrodes, Multiple Switch-points

Like the other models in the NE line, the NEH is available with multiple setpoints. It can offer up to six electrodes for up to six possible switch-points. It offers a unique solution for tall tanks as the design allows for much longer lengths than rigid probe models. It also offers easy installation for applications with low overhead clearance, where it is impossible to install rigid probe models.

Neoprene or PTFE Cables

The NEH comes with either an aluminum or polyamide housing option with either a 1/2” NPT fitting (for a single electrode) or a 1-1/2” NPT fitting (for 2-6 electrodes). Neoprene cables are available in lengths up to 100 feet, for temperatures up to 140 °F. PTFE cables are available in lengths up to 30 feet, for temperatures up to 300 °F. The maximum pressure is 90 PSIG. The minimum media conductivity is 20 uS/cm.