High Performance Coriolis Flow Meter for Low Flows

Revolutionary New Dual-tube Coriolis Technology for Low Flows

Common design practice for low flow Coriolis flow measurement is to rely on a single-tube design. The HPC delivers unique state-of-the-art dual-tube technology, where the sensor coils are mounted between the measuring tubes instead of on them. This frees the measuring tubes from the negative influence of the coils weight and enables a compact installation length of just under six inches.

Exceptional Accuracy and Immunity to Vibrations

The HPC achieves exceptional accuracy with deviations of just ± 0.1 percent. The unique dual tube design also offers extreme insensitivity to external vibrations, eliminating the need for costly bulky & heavy mechanical coupling, which is often necessary.

Highest Temperature and Pressure Capacity

Other elements, based off of the unique technology of the HPC, enables it to offer the highest temperature and pressure capacities. It can withstand temperatures up to 350 °F and pressures up to 5,800 PSI.

Multiple Mounting Capabilities

The HPC is available in a traditional inline version, which can be inserted directly into the process line. There are also three other types available, which are designed for wall mounting or placement on a horizontal surface. The table-top model comes in two versions with the measuring tubes situated either above or below the process line. For the measurement of gas, upwards pointing tubes are recommended.

Custom Options

Upon request, the HPC is available with customized options. Other ranges besides the standard 2-20 and 5-50 kg/h are possible. Other potential customizations include: customer specific enclosures, connectors, or interfaces. For the chemical and semiconductor industry, stainless steel enclosures are also available.