Economical Electromagnetic Flowmeter - MIS

Packed with Features at an Economical Price

The new MIS magnetic inductive flow meter offers extensive features at an economical price and is capable of monitoring, transmitting, and batching. The meter is equipped with both a grand and resettable totalizer. The batching function has an external control input. The MIS is also capable of bi-directional flow measurement and comes standard with two configurable (pulse, frequency, alarm, or analog) outputs. IO-Link communication is also included as a standard feature. Magnetic inductive flow measurement is generally not affected by the properties of the process media, such as: density, viscosity, or temperature.

Unique Display, Easy Set-up

The MIS offers a color, multi-parameter TFT display that is fully configurable. The screen orientation also rotates in 90 degree increments to accommodate different installation positions. Setting up the MIS is easy, with the intuitive menu that is accessed using the four optical touch keys on the display.

Common Application Areas

The MIS is suitable for a wide variety of general industrial applications. It is ideal for the following areas: water treatment, water distribution networks, waste water treatment, and filtration systems.