Heavy Duty Level Switch - NGS

Heavy Duty Level Switch - NGS


The NGS is a rugged level switch built for the harshest of environments. All wetted parts are constructed of 316-Ti stainless steel. The SPDT switch is activated by a permanent magnet external to the switch housing so that no exposure occurs between the process media and the switch internals.


The design of the NGS provides a reliable switch, which requires no external power to operate. The high-capacity, 10 Amp mechanical switch will directly operate most electrical loads such as relays, solenoid valves and motor starters. Common applications include: minimum or maximum level monitoring of tanks or vessels. Standard installations are for side mount; top mount versions are available upon request.


The maximum pressure of the NGS is 360 PSIG. The maximum temperature range is -4 °F to 480 °F for the standard version, without a protection sleeve. Protection sleeves are available in either rubber or silicone for non-threaded versions. The ambient temperature range is -4 °F to 176 °F. The minimum specific gravity of the media is 0.7. Process connections are via a 2” NPT or a weld-on counter flange.