Hydrostatic Pressure Level Switch - NLP

Hydrostatic Pressure Level Switch - NLP

Level Control for Open Tanks with Suspended Solids

The NLP hydrostatic pressure level switch excels at level control in open tanks with media containing suspended solids. It is also suitable in general for a wide variety of free-flowing liquids. Models are available in either polypropylene or PVDF.

Principle of Operation

The principle of operation for the NLP is based upon the change in hydrostatic pressure within the standpipe. When the media rises or falls to the desired level, the changing air pressure within the tube reacts on the internal diaphragm, actuating or de-actuating the SPDT contact within the switch housing.


The NLP has no moving parts, requires no external power, and operates with minimal maintenance. If offers a 1” NPT fitting, a protection of IP65, a maximum temperature of 158 °F, and stand-pipe lengths from 3 to 16 feet.