Insertion Paddle-Wheel Flowmeter - DOR


The DOR offers an economical option, in comparison to full bore flowmeters, for the accurate measurement of the flow of water or water-like liquids in completely full pipes from 1-½" to 100”. It features rugged measuring technology that tolerates dirt and solids and is designed with an integral mechanism that allows for precision installation. It is also possible to install the DOR-5 in a manner that allows it be serviced with minimal process interruption. With additional configuration, the DOR can also be used to measure bi-directional flow. The DOR is available with an LCD display, batching or totalizing electronics, or a 4-20 mA output.


With 316L stainless steel housing and fittings, the DOR offers a flow velocity range of 1 to 33 ft/sec and nominal measuring ranges of 5.5 up to 800,000 GPM. Fittings come in 1-½" or 2” NPT. With a maximum temperature of 300 °F and a maximum pressure of 1160 PSIG, the DOR can handle a variety of applications.


  • HVAC: hot and cold water, fire systems, thermal energy monitoring
  • Municipal: water distribution, water management, water treatment
  • Irrigation: water management
  • Water Treatment: chlorination, desalination, mechanical filtration plants, chemical injection systems
  • Refineries: fire and cooling systems
  • Power Generation: boiler feed water, steam condensate, process water, water balancing
  • Chemical: process and cooling tower water, chemical and water batching
  • Others: cement manufacturing, flow testing, fire truck and hydrant flow monitoring, food processing, pulp/paper, mining, and fountains