KFF/KFG - Product of the Week

KFF/KFG - Product of the Week

Liquid or Gas: Industrial, Commercial, Laboratory Applications

KOBOLD KFF/KFG Flow Sensors utilize a Pelton-wheel design to measure very low flow rates of liquid or gas media. A variety of materials are available to accommodate many process situations found in industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. The output can be either a pulse or a 0-5 VDC analog output, compatible with many types of data acquisition equipment.

Flow Sensor or Flowmeter Models

A compact, local LCD display is available in our 3000 Series models. Requiring only 35 mA at 12 VDC, it can either be battery powered or connected to a 12 volt source via the included cable. KFF/KFG models are highly repeatable, very stable, offer no zero drift, and feature an accuracy of ± 3% of full scale.


Water ranges are available from 13 to 100 ml/min up to 1 to 10 l/min. Air ranges span from 20 to 100 ml/min up to 100 to 500 l/min. Fittings are available from 1/8” to 1/2". Wetted material options for the KFF/KFG include: PPS, PRFE, FKM, or brass. The maximum pressure is 500 PSIG, for the brass KFF. Maximum temperature is 120 °F.