KPG - High-Precision Pressure Transmitter

The KOBOLD KPG Series pressure transmitters are constructed of stainless steel and are designed for heavy-duty applications requiring high accuracy. This pressure transducer offers shock resistance, extreme long-term sensor stability, and excellent noise immunity, as well as protection against common installation problems such as reverse polarity wiring, overvoltage, and short circuiting.

Using either sputtered thin-film or piezoresistive pressure-sensing technologies, the KPG pressure transmitter can achieve an accuracy of ±0.125% at pressures up to 145,000 PSIG.

The KPGpressure transducer has either absolute, gauge or compound measuring ranges available, as well as a variety of output signals and electrical connections. The KPG Series’ diversity, high overpressure protection, and fast response time make this pressure transmitter ideal for heavy-duty applications.

As with all pressure sensors in the KOBOLD KP-series, each transmitter undergoes 100% inspection and testing to help assure a trouble-free installation.