LCD Indicating Display Controller - ZED

The ZED offers LCD display of rate, total, and batch values. The display offers two lines of values. The values displayed are model dependent. It requires a frequency input with a 2,000 Hz maximum. It comes in a panel mount with IP40 protection, or a field housing with IP65 protection. The display units are user selectable. All models offer a min/max memory and a password protection function.


The ZED-K displays both a value and a bar graph display of flow rate, two user programmable switching outputs, and a scaleable analog output.


The ZED-Z displays both the flow total and the flow rate. It includes two switching outputs, which can be programmed as a flow rate alarm or for switching the total and/or grand total quantities.


The ZED-D offers measurement and display of flow rate, flow total, and batching total. There is an interval counter for the number of batch processes. It includes two control inputs, one batching output, and one switching output.