NEW DOT - Turbine Flow Meter/Monitor


The DOT is a highly accurate turbine flowmeter used to measure the flow of clean, low viscosity liquids. The rugged design with stainless steel construction and tungsten carbide bearings ensures a long service life. The DOT can handle a wide variety of aggressive and non-lubricating liquids. Common application media includes: chemicals, petrochemicals, fuels, and deionized water.


The operation principle of the DOT is as follows. A pick-up coil with a permanent magnet core is mounted in the housing adjacent to the rotor blade tips and a magnetic circuit is created by the rotating blades. The rotation varies the pick-up of this magnetic circuit and the flux changes induce a small voltage in the coil. The frequency of this is directly proportional to the rotor speed and the volumetric flow rate.


The DOT is available in NPT threads from ½” to 2”. Standard ANSI flanges are available in ½” to 6” with larger sizes available upon request. Threaded versions are rated for pressures up to 3,600 PSIG and flanged versions are according to the ASME flange rating. The temperature range is from -4 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit, with up to 250 degrees possible with the mV output option. Available outputs include: mV pulse, transistor pulse, analog 4-20 mA, or LCD total, rate/total, or batching display with analog and switching outputs.