New Product - DA Series Sight Flow Indicators


The DA Series flow indicators are engineered to handle tough, industrial applications. The design offers both flow indication and a sight window for viewing the media. There are three options for indication. The DAK offers indication by a hinged flap. The DAR offers indication by a rotor. The DAT offers indication by a drip tube. The bodies are available in cast iron, cast steel, or stainless steel. The sight windows are either soda-lime or borosilicate glass.


Process connections for the DA Series are available in ¼” to 2” NPT and ½” to 8” ANSI flange. The max pressure is model and option dependent and ranges from 230 PSIG to 580 PSIG. The maximum temperature is 250 °F or 300 °F, again model dependent, with an option of a temperature as high as 530 °F.