NEW! ZLS Multichannel Datalogger Display

Graph Display of Current Values and Parameters

The ZLS electronic multi-channel data logger is designed to record and display current values and technological parameters in the form of graphs. It features an LCD backlit display, four presentation modes, and two switching outputs. The device is equipped with 8 temperature (Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000) or current (4-20 mA standard) inputs and one digital input for controlling the recording process. It also offers an RS 485 interface and Modbus RTU.

High Recording Resolution

It has a 2 MB memory and provides up to 500,000 data recordings. The internal analog-digital converter has a 12 bit resolution, which provides high recording resolutions. Additionally, individual alphanumeric description (text) of each of the recorded channels is possible. The ZLS is fully scalable and the text driven menu with makes the unit easy to configure. The unit also comes supplied with applicable software for PCs.