Polypropylene Tethered Float Level Switch - NSP

Simple and Economical

The NSP polypropylene tethered float switches offer simple, economical level monitoring. There is a choice of float types and they are compatible with a wide variety of liquids. They offer a simple SPDT mechanical switch and can handle temperatures up to 185 °F and pressures up to 30 PSIG.

Liquid Level Control

The NSP can control the fill level of tanks by installing two models, one as the maximum and the other as a minimum limit switch. To automate the level control, pair the switches with a KOBOLD latching relay. A 13 foot TPK cable comes standard, but optional silicone and FEP clad cables are available.

Excels Where Magnetic Level Switches Fail

Unlike magnetic liquid level switches in certain installations, the NSP is not affected by the risk of the float jamming in the presence of dirt particles or coating media.