Positive Displacement Flowmeters - DOC

Inexpensive Solution for High Viscosity Media

The DOC positive displacement oval-gear flow meter delivers an inexpensive means to measure high viscosity liquids up to 1,000 cP. The technology features two oval gears that rotate within a precision measuring chamber. With each rotation, a fixed volume of liquid passes through the meter. Magnets embedded in the gears generate a high resolution pulse train output. The DOC does not require flow profile conditioning or straight-line runs, making the installation both compact and low-cost.

Common Areas of Application

The DOC is ideal for all clean, viscous liquids like: non-aromatic chemicals, non-halogenated chemicals, additives, water-based liquids, diesel exhaust fluid, most fuels, and lubricating oils. The DOC body, cap, and gears are made of PPS. The axles are made of Hastelloy-C® and the seals are available in FFKM or PTFE-encapsulated FEP.


The DOC is available in ranges from 0.13…26 GPH to 0.8…21 GPM. Connections come in either ¼” or 1” NPT or BSP. The maximum media temperature is 176 °F and the maximum pressure is 145 PSI. It delivers an accuracy of ± 0.5% of the reading and a repeatability of ± 0.03%. To protect the DOC from damage, filtration is recommended.