Side Mounted Level Switch - NKP

Side Mounted Level Switch - NKP

Cost-Effective Solution for Side-Mounting in Tanks

The NKP level switch is a cost-effective liquid level switch for mounting in the side walls of tanks. It is available in polypropylene or PVDF construction for maximum compatibility with aggressive liquids. The straightforward design is distinguished by an instant response, a small footprint, and a high-capacity reed switch.

How It Works

The plastic float contains a magnet that moves as the liquid level rises above or drops below the switch installation point. This movement brings the magnet into close proximity with the hermetically sealed reed contact, causing it to change state. The contact function may be selected as either normally open (N/O) or normally closed (N/C) by rotating the switch 180 degrees about its axis. This simple design makes the NKP not only affordable, but also virtually maintenance-free.


The NKP is offered with either a ½” NPT or a bulkhead fitting. Polypropylene models have a maximum temperature of 176 °F, while PVDF models can handle temperatures up to 212 °F. Maximum pressure for both models is 145 PSIG. Polypropylene models require a minimum liquid density of 0.6 S.G. and the PVDF models require 0.95. The NKP offers NEMA 6, IP 68 protection.