Static Pressure Level Switch - NDT

Ideal for Monitoring the Level of Liquids in Open or Vented Tanks

The KOBOLD NDT static pressure level switch is especially suitable for the level monitoring of liquids in open or vented tanks. Because the switch never contacts the media, it is perfect for coating, dirty, and viscous media. With a user supplied measuring pipe, the options for media compatibility are almost endless.

How it Works

The NDT principle of operation is both simple and reliable. It is installed on a user-supplied pipe so the bottom of the pipe reaches four inches below the desired switch point. When the liquid reaches the end of the pipe, it seals it off. As the level continues to rise, the static pressure build-up on the air pocket in the pipe triggers the switch.


The NDT is made of polyamide and NBR. The version with a clamp includes a clamp of Zn-plated steel. The switching error is ± 10%. It can handle media temperature up to 185 °F. The SPDT mechanical switch has a maximum rating of 250 VAC at 6A resistive load.