SWK - Compact Flowmeter and Switch


The SWK low volume variable area flow meter and switch is affordable, reliable, and compact. The low volume variable area flowmeter and switch is available in brass, stainless steel, or PVC. It is ideally suited for the monitoring of clean, low-viscous liquids. The SWK can be mounted in any orientation and comes with your choice of an adjustable switch or a switch with an indicator.

How it Works

The SWK Flowmeter and Switch operates on the suspended-float principle, but without the use of a conical measuring tube. A float moves in the direction of flow against the force of a spring in a cylindrical guide tube. The float contains a permanent magnet, which operates an adjustable set-point contact or magnetically coupled indicator, mounted on the outside.

Superior Performance

The SWK Flowmeter and Switch has a variety of switching ranges from 0.05…0.1 up to 13… 24 l/min. It can handle media temperatures up to 210 °F as well as line pressures up to 3600 PSIG. The SWK comes standard with G ½ process connections and carries a ±2.5% of full scale repeatability.