Target-Type Flowmeter - DPT

Unique, Patented Design

The KOBOLD DPT target-type flow meter for compatible water-like liquids features a unique, patented design. The single leaf-spring both suspends the flow target and provides the force for reset. The simple principle of measurement offers minimal wear, low head loss, and can handle media with a high solids content.

How it Works

The DPT mechanism of measurement consists of a target plate and a lever arm. Flow causes the target to deflect against the leaf-spring. A magnet attached to the lever arm and a Hall-effect sensor inside the display translate the angle of movement to an electrical signal. The resulting signal can then provide a flowrate display, adjustable switches, or an analog flow signal.


The DPT is available in ranges from 1.5 to 8 GPM up to 225 to 500 GPM. It offers an accuracy of ± 3% of the full scale and a repeatability of ± 1% of the full scale. It is available either in brass or stainless steel. The maximum temperature is 176 °F and the maximum pressure is 580 PSIG.