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KOBOLD News & Press Releases

Beer Wort
REG Application - Production of Beer and Wine
Separation equipment utilizes a variety of different methods to separate liquids and solids. Application fields include: sludge, sewage, manure, vegetables, food byproducts, and paper pulp.
NBK Tank Farm Application
NBK Application - Tank Farms for Electricity Generation
Tank farms are oil depot storage facilities. Our customer was a small island municipality of about 3 square miles and 2,000 residents. The island facility generates its own electricity with fuel that is delivered periodically by ship.
NBK Hospital Wastewater Application Image
NBK Application - Hospital Wastewater
Hospital wastewater is particularly challenging in nature as it can contain: radioactive materials, waste from procedures, antibiotics and pharmaceuticals not absorbed by the body, and other chemicals.
DON-H - Oval Gear Flowmeter for High Pressures
NEW DON-H: Oval Gear Flowmeters for High Pressures
High Performance at Higher Pressures
PAD Geothermal Energy Production Application
PAD Application: Production of Geothermal Energy
Geothermal energy is sustainable, renewable, and more reliable than solar or wind power. It creates less emissions than coal powered plants and has minimal land and freshwater requirements.
OVZ Gypsum Application
OVZ Application - Gypsum Mining and Processing
Gypsum is a common, soft, evaporative, sedimentary mineral that forms mostly as transparent, flattened crystals.
DOT - Turbine Flowmeter/Monitor News Image
NEW DOT - Turbine Flow Meter/Monitor
NBK Application - Cogeneration Plant
NBK Application - Combined Heat and Power Cogeneration Plants
CHP, or cogeneration plants, produce both electric and thermal energy from a single process. Diverse fuel sources are used, such as natural gas, biomass, coal, or process waste.
TLI - Digital Bargraph Panel Indicator
NEW! TLI - Digital Bargraph Panel Indicator
The TLI provides remote visual representation, control, and a numeric display of tank level when used with a linear, 4-20 mA current output sensor.