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DRH - Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor

Product Description

The KOBOLD DRH Series paddle-wheel flow sensor offers a variety of seven material combinations, enabling it to withstand a very wide range of water-like, low-viscosity liquids or aggressive chemical solutions. The DRH is a compact liquid flow sensor that employs permanent magnets embedded in a rotating paddle wheel. A Hall-effect sensor detects the magnet passing and provides an output proportional to flow rate. The DRH paddle-wheel flow sensor can be supplied with a frequency output, 4-20 mA output or a versatile compact electronics package providing an LED display, 4-20mA output or programmable setpoint switches. The compact size, variety of material combinations and economical price make the KOBOLD DRH the perfect paddle-wheel liquid flow sensor for industrial or OEM applications with maximum pressures up to 580 PSIG.

DRH - Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor

Product Specifications

Measuring Range0.05...0.2 GPM to 0.66...13.2 GPM (Water)
Fittings 3/8" NPT, 1" NPT
Body MaterialsNi-Plated Brass, 316 SS, POM, PVDF
Max. Pressure 580 PSIG
Max. Temperature 176 °F
Accuracy± 2.5 % FS
Outputs AvailablePulse Frequency, 4-20 mA Analog, Transistor Switches

Product Features

Compact Size
Seven Material Combinations
Frequency, 4-20 mA Analog, or Compact Electronics
Water Flow Ranges of 0.05...0.2 GPM to 0.66...13.2 GPM
Operating Pressures to 580 PSIG