Level Products

Level Information


KOBOLD provides many solutions for automated industrial processes that require the monitoring or measurement of fill level for liquids or bulk solids. Level switches, sensors, and indicators from KOBOLD provide reliable solutions for a variety of level processes. We offer solutions for a wide variety of variables and media, including media that may be contaminated. Some of our level technologies include: hydrostatic, differential pressure, ultrasonic, pneumatic, bypass, or float switches. Our level line includes both indicators that have a local or remote display, and indicators that can be integrated into standard control systems.


KOBOLD offers many products that are ideal for monitoring the level of industrial and commercial tanking systems. The level within the tanks can be controlled and checked by many of our level sensors and level gauges. We also offer many indicators to continuously display the tank level. KOBOLD offers a large variety of instrumentation for level measurement for various factors like media characteristics and tank shape and size. Many are designed for easy integration into already existing systems. We also offer many simple modern float switches that provide a simple and reliable solution to regulate the flow of fluids or provide signal for refill/empty requirements in tanks. KOBOLD manufactures switching solutions for both liquids and bulk materials. We offer high quality rotary sensors, capacitive sensors, and simple mechanical switches for bulk materials. The precision our level instrumentation delivers leads to more efficient processes and increased profit.


KOBOLD has had considerable success in providing instrumentation for cooling systems, where continuous level measurements are frequently a necessity. In closed containers and circulators, both level and pressure play a critical role. By comprehensive level measurement and accompanying pressure control, reliable information about the state of the system can be delivered. We also offer suitable level indicators and level sensors that can transmit the data and display it directly near the system.