Product Description

Standard Side-Mount Bypass Level Indicators and Gauges - Made in the USA

KOBOLD's NBK exterior bypass tank level indicators and gauges are made in the USA and provide reliable visual indication, continuous measurement, and/or control of liquid levels. They are built for free-flowing compatible media types with viscosities less than 200 cPs. The NBKs feature an all metal construction that eliminates the breakage and leakage problems frequently experienced with other glass tube designs.

The NBK's design relies on the hydrostatic pressure principle to display the tank's liquid level in a side-mounted high visibility measuring gauge. A float, which contains a ring magnet, rises and falls with the liquid level in the bypass tube. Visual indication, signal transmission or switching may be achieved by mounting these magnetically-sensitive devices on the exterior of the bypass tube. These devices then track or are activated by the ring magnet located inside the float as it moves with changes in liquid level.

Compact Tank Level Indicators

For shorter tanks or applications with a lower pressure requirement, consider the compact NBK-M Economical Level Indicator. It provides the same rugged and reliable measurement as the standard NBK for a fraction of the cost and is still made in the USA.

Tank-Top Mounted Level Indicators

For application installations that require the level indication gauge to be mounted from the top of the tank, KOBOLD also offers the NBK-04 Tank-Top Mounted Bypass Level Indicator.

NBK - Bypass Level Indicator

Product Specifications

Max. Measuring Length
18 ft, Longer with Extended Design
½"...1¼" NPT, ½"...2" ANSI Flange
Wetted Materials
316-Ti SS, Titanium
Max. Pressure
Flanged per ASME B 16.5 RF-2009 / NPT to 3600 PSIG
Max. Temperature
750 °F
Resistive Transducer, 4-20 mA Transmitter, Switches, Measuring Scale

Product Features

KOBOLD Circular Magnet System is Effective from All Sides
Media Temperatures to 750 °F
Industrial Ruggedness
Made in the USA
Top Seller
Sample Applications: Storage Tanks, Tanks on Ships, Agitator Vessels, and Water Tanks
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