Product Description

All-Plastic Magnetic Flow Meter

The KOBOLD MIK All-plastic Magnetic Flow Meter offers reliability and low-pressure loss at an economical price. The all-plastic build, available in a wide variety of material combinations, enable it to be the ideal solution for a wide variety of difficult media such as chemicals, acids, aggressive and salty solutions. It, of course, is also ideal for use with water with sufficient conductivity. It features an all-solid state build and has no moving parts to wear out which reduces maintenance and increases the overall service life. It is also capable of measuring viscous and dirty liquids with a minimal accuracy degradation. The MIK is in use around the globe in a wide variety of applications and is a trusted industry standard for low-cost magnetic flow meters.

Customized to Your Application Needs

A variety of materials for the flow body, electrodes, and seals are available to customize the MIK for your exact application needs. A variety of fitting styles and materials are also available like PVC, PVDF, polypropylene and stainless steel. With a wide variety of electronics packages, including frequency or current outputs, adjustable flow switches, and totalizers or batch controllers, you can easily integrate the MIK into an existing application or design it into a new one. The vast versatility of the MIK makes it a truly great value at an economical price.

Other Compact Inline Magnetic Flow Meter Options

For applications requiring extremely low flow rates, a more rigorous all-metal construction, integral temperature measurement, multiple configurable outputs, or bi-directional flow capabilities consider our compact MIM All-Metal Inline Magnetic Flow Meter.

Magnetic Flow Technology

The MIK operates based on magnetic flow technology. This measurement principle is also known as electromagnetic or magnetic-inductive. To learn more about the operating principle behind the MIK and the advantages and limitations of magnetic flow meters, please visit our in depth article about Magnetic Flow Meters.

MIK - Plastic Magnetic Flow Meter - Chemicals, Acids, Caustics, Water

Product Specifications

Available Ranges
0.18...7.8 GPH to 9...180 GPM
± 2% of Full Scale
± 1% of Full Scale
Media Temp. Range
32...176 °F (140 °F Max. w/PVC Fittings)
Media Conductivity
Minimum 30 μS/cm (Minimum 200 μS/cm for Range Codes U0 & U1)
Maximum Pressure
145 PSIG @ 70 °F
Max. Pressure Drop
3.6 PSI @ 100% Rated Flow
Max. Viscosity
20 cSt for ranges U0...U8, 70 cSt for ranges UA...UH
Wetted Materials
PPS/SS/NBR, PPS/SS/FKM, PPS/Hastelloy®/NBR, PPS/Hastelloy®/FKM, PVDF/Hastelloy®/FFKM, PVDF/Tantalum/FFKM
Media Category

Product Features

For Use With a Wide Variety of Conductive Liquids, Acids and Caustics
Magneto-Inductive Technology with No Moving Parts
Electronics Packages Include Frequency or Current Outputs, Adjustable Switches and Integral Totalizers or Batch Controller
G or NPT Threaded, Socket, and Hose Connections
Economically Priced
Made in the USA
Top Seller
Sample Applications: Machine Building, Chemical Industry, Paper and Pulp, Auto Industry, Cement, and Laboratories
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