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KOBOLD offers a wide line of pressure gauges, transmitters, and switches that deliver reliability, low measuring tolerances, a long service life, and high quality. We offer mechanical, electrical, and mechatronic pressure gauges with mechanical, analog, or digital displays that are used worldwide in a wide variety of application areas. KOBOLD also offers modern pressure switches and transmitters that are used in process automation and for direct measurement. Our pressure instrumentation helps to optimize processes and provides safety against overpressure situations. Our line includes both permanent installation instrumentation and hand-held devices. Our line can accommodate relative pressure, absolute pressure, and differential pressure. Models are available for a wide range of pressure needs, from low to high ranges. Most of our pressure transmitters use a standardized output signal and can be used in centralized control systems.


KOBOLD pressure switches are ideal for minimizing risk in closed systems. We offer many suitable types, depending on the application requirements, that can be integrated into a wide variety of different systems. Our pressure switches are useful for triggering an action if a previously set pressure level is reached. This can be either a N/O or N/C contact or a current output signal that can then be transmitted.