Flow Products

Inline and insertions models, all metal models, compact models, chemically compatible models
One of the broadest variable area/rotameter lines in the industry including unique, patented viscosity compensated models
A variety of positive displacement technologies like oval gear and helical gear. Models for high viscosity.
Paddle type flow meters and switches for liquids or gas.
Inline and clamp-on models. Turndown ratios up to 250:1.
Heavy duty industrial models, orifice technology
Paddle wheel and Pelton wheel sensors, meters, switches, transmitters, and totalizers.
Insertion and inline models
Standard inline and multivariable models
Universal, special purpose, high performance, high pressure, and low flow models
Mass flow measurement and sensing by thermal dispersion for liquids or gas.
A flow meter technology unique to KOBOLD
Unique self-cleaning models. Sight glass, ball, flap, chain, and paddlewheel types.
Flow Restrictor, Flow Regulator, Balancing Valve

Flow Information


KOBOLD Instruments has developed a wide variety of flow meters, flow regulators, flow indicators, flow switches, flow monitors, and flow sensors. Our flow instrumentation line offers a wide variety of technologies such as: variable area, ultrasonic, mass flow, thermal dispersion, turbine, electromagnetic, vortex, oval gear, positive displacement, differential pressure, Coriolis, helical or screw gear, rotameter, rotary piston, baffle plate, calorimetric, paddle wheel, and multi-parameter meters. Many models are offered with a wide variety of material choices, and some are available in exotic materials. With so many models and options, we can find a solution for most applications, even the most demanding ones. Our team of expert engineers is always here for you to help you find your KOBOLD solution.


KOBOLD offers a variety of flow sensors that can directly determine the flow rate of a gas or a liquid. We also offer many models of flow transmitters that can both monitor and control flow. Depending on the application variables and media specifications, different flow meters or flow monitors can be used. KOBOLD offers a wide variety of high-quality flow meters, from simple paddle-type switches to high-precision Coriolis mass flow meters. We also offer a wide variety of instrumentation that is well-suited for handling viscous media like oil. Some of our technologies for viscous media include: oval gear flow meters, helical gear flow meters, and special variable area flow meters. These technologies are characterized by a long service life and high efficiency. KOBOLD also offers a wide variety of technologies to meet the growing demand for instrumentation that does not contain moving parts which are subject to wear, such as: ultrasonic flow meters, magnetic-inductive flow meters, and vortex flow meters. We also offer portable and clamp-on instrumentation for short-term installations. We also offer models that can accommodate bi-directional measurement.


KOBOLD flow meters are used all over the world in industrial settings, including automated production and process control. Our instrumentation is found in reactive systems, where an action is quickly and automatically triggered when a certain flow rate is reached, and also in more passive systems that are built more for monitoring or counting the flow rate. Both types of systems offer a large variety of options. Our flow sensors can be equipped with corresponding displays that provide a direct reading of the flow rate. Instrumentation equipped with a transmitter can also be connected to central data systems via a BUS interface, providing real-time information from the flow meters. KOBOLD offers a wide variety of instrumentation that is compatible with common communication protocols, such as HART®, PROFIBUS®, and Foundation Fieldbus®.


KOBOLD flow instrumentation can be found providing dependable and lasting service in common application fields, such as: irrigation, oil and gas, automotive, power generation, general manufacturing, machining, cement/aggregates, chemicals, petrochemicals, test measurement, laboratories, research and development, aerospace, HVAC, water, wastewater, building automation, pulp and paper, metals, mining, surface treatment, semiconductors, pumping, agriculture, marine, aviation, boilers, brewing, refrigeration, turbines, utilities, and welding.


With our wide variety of technology and materials, KOBOLD is able to accommodate most common liquid application media, such as: oils, lubricants, water, wastewater, chemicals, corrosives, abrasives, coolants, paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and fuels. Our instrumentation can also handle most types of gaseous media, such as: steam, clean gas, dirty gas, ammonia gas, combustible gas, compressed air, natural gas, and nitrogen flow.